Stained concrete floors

This week Adam became his own boss and started teaching drum and guitar lessons out of our house (he taught lessons as a contract employee for a music store for the past six years). It's great for a whole bunch of reasons, but most importantly because it makes him happy and I love having him home in the evenings, even though he's working.

Now that the basement is his studio, we want to create a more inviting workspace down there (we probably should have done that before it became his studio, but whatever). We've hired a company to insulate the exterior walls and crawl space with spray foam while Adam tours Eastern Canada with his band (you can find tour dates here), which should give the foam plenty of time to cure properly. Once Adam's back and the drywall is up (yes, he'll be teaching lessons upstairs for at least a couple of weeks), I think it's a good idea to tackle the concrete floors (you know, so we only have to move our junk in and out once). And I love the idea of staining them, thanks to this inspiration (and this):



Found on Pinterest here
 I think it's gorgeous, but what do you think? Would you try staining your concrete floors?  


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