What didn't get blogged about

Aubrey is leaving for a boys weekend tonight after work, so Oscar and I are hanging solo.  Even though I have 3 dedicated days in the office (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays) I find myself having to work when Oscar naps and once Oscar goes to bed. Which makes it feel like I'm always working - which eventually catches up on me and I crash (or get cranky) So, tonight, with Aubrey gone, I may just sit and watch TV on my own. Like all of the Real Housewives series that Aubrey hates. So, tonight is a total trash TV night for me. Yay!
  • I LOVE this project that Amelia did using our DIY Bunting Flags. So creative and easy.
  • Thanks to Amy and Shannon for their super sweet posts on my stuff. I love, love seeing photos.
  • I had a lovely coffee date with Jen, and something REALLY exciting is in the works.
  • We got our quote from our drywall guy, Joe, and it was totally reasonable, so we're happy with that. Only 1,099 other things to get quotes on. Yay. 
Have a great weekend! xo Linds


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