21 Acres and an Announcement

This weekend I was afforded the opportunity to set up shop at a venue hosted by a Realtor friend of ours at a local farm called 21 Acres

Aside from the fact that I would get to share what I love about what I do with those attending, I was ecstatic about finally being able to tour this property. I'd passed by it a couple of times here and there and always wondered what it was and when I received the invitation from our friend, I knew that I would carve time out in our schedule to be there.


Their market sign had been hand painted by one of the employees. Isn't is great?


And the color on these was stunning. 


And these ornamental cabbages would be great in a garden bouquet. I just love the way these add so much texture, depth and style to arrangements.

After visiting the market downstairs I headed to the upper level of the building to setup my area. 
For the vignette, I decided to keep it simple and, quite honestly, I really didn't have enough space in my truck nor enough time to bring any of my larger furniture pieces. 

So, I decided to bring "Lovely" (that's what I am calling my new find) and center her as my focal point. 


I really love how it turned out. I lgrabbed a few small things as I walked out the door including my handy dandy dried hydrangeas from last season that were picked at just the right time and dried perfectly. I thought they were the perfect touch for the space. 


She really was the star of this setup. Don't you think?

During the tour, I was able to speak to attendees about Restoration House and what I do and even met a few new clients to boot! 

Through this experience I also realized that my business is evolving. (I've actually known that for a while)While there are many things that I CAN do...I CANNOT do it all. Restoration House really should reflect and encompass my strengths in creativity and design. 

There are many different avenues through which  I can share my talents, gifts and expertise...this blog is one of them. 

Over the next few months, RHI will be going through some changes. All good. Cleaning house, if you will, and really putting a "stamp" on this blog, my work and the business as a whole. 

I am so excited to have you join me on this journey.

That, however, is NOT the announcement as exciting as it is. 

Are you ready? 

Here goes...


You see that? Yes! RHI will be hosting a party for the month of November through the first week of December so for you and all of your friends to show off all of your milk paint projects. Haven't tried milk paint? That's okay! You can link up any paint, DIY, craft or home decor project you'd like! Food posts won't be allowed this time around. 

We'll start the party next Monday, November 12 and end on the first Monday in December since we're striking this one up so late. So, go ahead and grab the button and start spreading the word, friends! 

Are you ready to post those projects? I'm ready to see them! 

More details about the party guidelines this week.

Happy Milk Paint and More Monday!


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