Eating in: Smoked salmon pasta

We're trying to be better about emptying the freezer before running to the store. We're those people who end up at the grocery store every other day, which is both time consuming and expensive (turns out impulse buys really add up). We had some smoked salmon we'd been avoiding, so I did a little searching and found this recipe for smoked salmon pasta on Pinterest (you can follow me here). I made a few tweaks - whole wheat pasta instead of white, a large handful of fresh parsley instead of a couple tablespoons, and no pine nuts (only because we didn't have any in the house).

The verdict? Yummy and really quick to prepare (it's a great option for weeknights), but it probably won't make it into our regular meal rotation (we like smoked salmon, but we don't like like smoked salmon, you know?).We both found it quite lemony, and while I think the strong lemon flavour is a nice balance to the strong flavour of the salmon, you may want to hold off on that second tablespoon of lemon zest until you've had a chance to taste the dish.


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