diy kids ornaments

A few weeks ago I ordered some magnets from Zulily. I bought a whole bunch with the intention of making some ornaments for Oscar. This is the easiest project - the hardest part is finding the right pieces. I was inspired by this a project on Creature Comforts. Originally I intended to do what she did - drill a hole through the pieces - but after some consideration I decided to just glue some string to the pieces instead of drilling - which saved me some time and it didn't ruin any part of the magnet.

I originally tried a glue gun but the glue wouldn't stick to the magnet  So I pulled out the heavy duty stuff - Gorilla Glue. It looks horrible when it dries (it puffs up and looks super weird) but it does the trick.

Ta-da! Honestly, I'm in LOVE with these ornaments especially if you have a "Kids" tree like I've made for Oscar this year. I did a lot of ones that played into Oscar's interests like Sea Animals and Trains (not pictured) Oscar loves to sit in front of the tree and we play "I Spy" and spot all of the animals. It's super cute. Anyhow, just some DIY fun from our house to yours that doesn't require a lot of pre-planning, tools or effort. But the results are pretty sweet. :)

WHERE TO BUY: Magnets, Although I bought on you can also find them on Twine: My shop (Although you can also just use plain string, it looks just as cute)

Ps., The tree is courtesy of Treetopia. It's a 4 foot white Christmas tree that comes pre-lit. Honestly it is SO CUTE. It is officially Oscar's tree that one day he can even have in his room. (I grew up having a mini tree in my room that was also white - so I feel a little sentimental with this white tree in our house)


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