My Dream Has Come True

Well, at least one of them...

If you've followed along for a while you'll remember this post I did a long time ago. As a matter of fact it was years ago. I have dreamt of owning a dress form. My dream has finally come true. 
Since that orginal post in 2009, my heart has literally gone pitter patter each and every time I see these wonderful works of art. 

While surfing around on Craigslist, looking for nothing in particular as I normally do, I stumbled upon an ad that changed my life. Okay, so that may be a little bit of a stretch but it absolutely got my heart pumping as I emailed the seller to find out if either of these lovelies (she had two) were still available. 

When I awakened the next morning there was a reply from the seller waiting paitiently for me on my phone. My hands literally trembled as I opened the message. Wait for was AVAILABLE!!! Both of them! Oh, be still my heart.

I attempted to keep calm so as to not give away how excited I was about coming so close to owning something that I've coveted for so long. The seller and I agreed to meet in the parking lot where she worked. I was so beside myself. Literally. I felt like I had jumped outside my body and back in a few times before meeting with her. 

Before I drove out, I made sure that she was willing to wiggle on the price. She was more than willing. I normally always ask for pieces that I am serious about buying and that I am going to be meeting someone to take a look at. This  time was no different. As bad as I wanted one of these, the price STILL had to be right. 

I pulled into the parking lot and found the vehicle that she described and...waited. It felt like hours. Finally I saw her walking down through my rear view mirror and thought to myself, "Let the games begin."

She opened the trunk of her car and I swear smoke came out and angels sang. There she sat, waiting for me...her new owner. I had to have it and the seller HAD to give it to me for the price that I wanted it for. She had to. 

Before meeting her I had literally prayed, "Lord, You know I've wanted one of these things forever and while I know it's not a necessity, I know that You care about the little things so I am asking that you soften her heart and that she is willing to let this dress form go for a steal. Amen." 

She began explaining to me how she acquired the forms and that she wasn't really attached to them at all. In my head: "Thank you, Lord". Finally, it was my turn. I began to explain to her how I've wanted one of these since I was five years old and how much I would love to have it given the condition. I then proceeded to ask her{for all you Dave Ramsey fans out there} what would be the best price she could give me on it. My heart raced. Are you ready? $30 bucks,folks. I paid $30 bucks for this lovely lady. Even more crazy is that she went down from her asking price of $100 without a word from me. Now, I can tell you that because I will never sell it. I may even request to be buried with it. Yes, I am seriously considering it.

You see, I knew at that moment that God loved me the most that day. I just couldn't believe it. It was the precise number I had in my head and on my heart as I prayed prior to meeting her. 

She'd already collapsed it so I just needed to transfer it from her cat to mine. You would've thought that I stole something as I screeched out of the parking lot. I figured I had better get outta there fast before she figured out what she'd done. 

This is "Lovely" stuffed into the passenger seat of my truck. I couldn't wait to get her home. 

I couldn't wait to get some free time after the kids were down to set her up and tomorrow I get to use her at a public event where my work will be featured. More on that later! 

via RHI Instagram

I don't have a lot of vintage jewelry and I knew that would look absolutely amazing on her. I used what I had and went for some of my antique bronze jewelry since it has a vintage look. 

So, what's on your wish list? What are you dreaming of lately? 

Thankful for answered prayer, 


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