Thank God It's Friday

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I actually wanted to write this post on Monday but have struggled with my health this week and finally have the time and feel as if the fog has lifted a bit for us. 

On Monday, I had to check my attitude. I remember almost dreading this week and the horribly full schedule we had in store. And then, I remembered that I hadn't consulted with God about my day or my week as He began to gently remind me, as He so lovingly does, that He is the BEGINNING and the END. I quickly related that soft reminder to the fact that not only is God the BEGINNING and the END of everything, but the beginning and the end of my week. 

What a revelation for me (and hopefully some of you) to rest in that. To know that God is just as much in my Mondays as He is my Fridays. That He is the beginning of my week as well as the end. So whether it's Monday or Friday, I will choose joy and be thankful for each and everyday and also choose not to follow the cultural standard of the "dreaded Monday". 

So, thank God it's Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And thank God I can rest each of those days knowing He's all up in my business working things out for me, going to bat for me, cheering for me and loving me. 



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