Painted headboard

I finished painting our headboard over the weekend and wanted to share a little sneak peek. I'm making a few tweaks to the rest of our bedroom - sparked by some great suggestions from Shannon - so I'll share the whole thing with you when I'm done :)

In terms of the how-to, I sprayed the entire headboard with Rustoleum's Ultra Cover primer, followed by their Ultra Cover satin heirloom white. There aren't many warm and windless days this time of year, so it took two entire cans (1 can of primer + 1 can of paint) to cover the headboard (and if I'm being honest, there are a few spots that still need touching up).

For the finials, I used Martha Stewart's bronze liquid gilding. It was my first time using it and this stuff is awesome. I did two coats - only one was really needed - and it was easy to apply. The only downside is the smell, so make sure you open a window. And yes, I'm now tempted to gild everything we own.

Now that it's done, I'm so glad I listened to you guys and broke out the paint. I. love. it.


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