Hannah's monthly photo

Hannah is three months old! She smiles, giggles, and "talks" constantly. She's getting stronger all the time (she's becoming an old pro at sitting - when propped against something, of course) and she recently discovered the joys of splashing in the tub (it's pretty much the cutest thing ever). She's also really paying attention to people and objects now, and she seems to get a kick out of seeing herself in the mirror. She's still sleeping through the night (knock on wood) and we're working on establishing a regular nap schedule. And as you can see, she just keeps getting bigger! I actually had to put some of her clothes into storage because she outgrew them (sniff, sniff). 
I know it's early, but she's showing all the signs of teething. We've started keeping her soothers in the freezer and last night she seemed to get a bit of relief from sucking on an ice cube wrapped in a cold washcloth (it was tied with an elastic and I held it the entire time). Any other tips for us?

I'm taking a photo of Hannah every month until she turns two. You can check out the rest of her monthly photos here


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