Date night

On the weekend, my mom came over so Adam and I could have our first night out as a couple since Hannah was born (and this grainy, blurry iphone pic is all we have to remember it by - at least we look happy!). We went to see an experimental jazz ensemble at The Music Room. Since typing that sentence made me want to laugh out loud, I should probably explain that Adam studied jazz drumming at StFX and he went to school with two of the players in the ensemble. We got ice cream afterwards (my idea) and agreed that I get to pick what we do on our next date :)

More than a few people have advised us to make sure we still find time for our relationship and I'm amazed how recharged I felt after a few hours out together. We plan to make this a regular thing.

How do you and your significant other find time to be together? Do you go out or date at home? 


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