2013 Life List

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I participated in the Coldest Night of the Year walk - which raised $56,000 for a fabulous local organization - and I'm thisclose to finishing a project for Hannah's nursery that I can't wait to share with you (just waiting for paint to dry!). Today I thought I'd share the list of goals I've been working on to replace my 30 Before Thirty list. I've learned a few things from last year, so I'll be focusing on a few goals each month (hence the longer list).

In the month of February (my birthday month), I've been focusing on three things:

1. Take a month-long sugar break
2. Organize my closet
3. Lose the baby weight

Clearly, all three goals are related: I'm taking a little break from refined sugars in the hopes of establishing better eating habits that will help me lose the baby weight, and cleaning all of the stuff I don't/can't wear out of my closet so that getting dressed is no longer a negative part of my day. Obviously I don't expect to lose the baby weight in a month (I wish!), but establishing a regular exercise routine and eating less sugar should help get me started and I'll gradually lose the weight as the year goes on (at least that's the plan). Anyway, I'll check back in March to let you know what I'm focusing on that month and how I'm doing with the goals I started in February. Wish me luck!


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