HomeSense Spring Preview

As I've mentioned before, one of the perks of having a blog is occasionally being invited to things. I don't get to go to a lot because I'm at home with Oscar full time and running my shop but on occasion an invitation comes along that is to amazing to pass up - I got my first invite to the HomeSense Preview. Shut the front door. I was so giddy with excitement. First of all, HomeSense is pretty much where I shop all the time. Plus, you can find my art there. So, yeah, I kind of love this store.

The team that works at HomeSense exudes warmth and you know that they love what they do and the products that they have in the stores. At some previews I feel like there is a disconnect between the team presenting it and the products (you feel like it's just their job to present). But at HomeSense, there was this immediate vibe that you knew that everyone there liked the company and shopped a lot in the store. It makes it really easy to just love the stores.

[Above] Tim and I walked the preview together and we went bananas for this coral piece show above. The art department has really done an amazing job with the collection for Spring. So many pieces are gorgeous. And I'm going to try to find it in my HomeSense trips to add to our upstairs hall.

[Above] I've always loved the quatrefoil side tables that you've seen in home decor magazines but the price tags were always too ridiculous to justify for me, so I flipped out when I saw similar tables in a few colours at the preview. On the table are these gorgeous coasters that I know are seriously on trend for 2013 - I saw a major Geode theme in New York at the show, and, always spot them in fancy homes. (I have more on that trend in another post) But you can also see some gems in the art photo above...

Above, these pillows remind me totally of Tommy Smythe because of this shot. Should any of you decorating obsessed readers have a young mans room to design, these pillows should be snatched up.  You'll also see some new art of mine rolling out into the store, so if you see it, I'd love to see pictures! (Trust me, I snap pictures whenever I'm in the store and see my art!)

Thanks to HomeSense for the invitation to the preview and now I feel like my bank account will be drained over the next few months as I snap up new pieces. :)


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