Photo inspiration + links for your weekend

source: Rue Magazine, February/March 2013

I love the simple styling in this bedroom. And the muted colour palette. And the asymmetrical art. How do you feel about going headboard-less? I like it when it's done right (see above), but our bed didn't have a headboard for a long time and it always annoyed me how the bed would slowly push out from the wall when I was trying to read in bed.

The rest of this space is pretty cool too - check it out here.

Is it just me, or did this week fly by? I planned to do a lot, but didn't get around to any of it (unless watching episodes of Dexter counts as an accomplishment). Anyway, here are a few ways to procrastinate right into your weekend:

-In case you missed it, I shared a few organization tips at Living Savvy this week.
-I made this for dessert last night and it was delicious!
-I finally have my own 'special' coffee mug and I love it. Plus, they're on sale!
-Speaking of coffee, a photographic tour of how it gets to your cup.
-This has always rubbed me the wrong way. You?


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