Signing Up For The Circus!

Throughout the year my sons school does a thing called "Marvelous Me".
Basically a week is dedicated to the student and they encourage the parents to come in and tell about what they do and so on...

Good thing they don't ask about the things we don't do.
Like laundry.

Anyway, it's a fun time for the kids and parents alike.
I so enjoy going up to Beau's school and spending time with all the kids there.
My day during Marvelous Me was no exception.

As you all well know, I'm a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom).
No need to talk to a bunch of Kindergartners about that!
Instead I chose my "Sign Painting Profession".

I decided to go fun and funky with this sign.
Not only to catch their 2-second attention span, but also to catch mine.
Yeah sometimes I need something out of the box too.

I also wanted to make a little memento for Beau's wonderful teacher who I am eternally grateful for.
I had all the kids add their names to the back of the sign so she can look at it a remember each one from this year.
Even if she wanted to forget them;-)

So a big round of thanks to all of you teacher's our there!
Bless you for putting up with our little ones for most of the day.
All the while trying to actually teach them stuff.



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