Entryway Inspiration

I've been dragging my feet getting started on our entryway makeover, so I thought I'd put together a mood board for the space. Seeing all the elements of your finished space together is one way to get inspired to get moving that usually works for me, so here goes!

1 - I basically want this exact floor from Carolyn Gavin's entryway. As much as I love the idea of slate, I'm not sure we want to make that kind of investment in a house we only plan to be in for a few more years. I'm drawn to porcelain for its durability and this tile would give me the look of slate for a much lower price (of course I need to see it in person first to be sure).

2 - This is the wall colour we used throughout the downstairs - Sico's 'Clouds of Volcanic Ashes'.

3 - I'd like to add some colour and texture to the entryway with a small area rug. I think this rug would be perfect, even though the size I need is on backorder right now. Our entryway is laid out almost exactly like the one in my inspiration image - except we have a closet opposite the wall hooks - so the rug would be on the future hardwood/currently laminate flooring just past the tile.

4 - I've already done some work to organize the closet, including adding a new shoe rack (I picked up one of those wooden slat versions during Zellers' closing sale for $5). I also organized all our hats, mitts and scarves into separate baskets for each member of the family (plus one for dog toys), but I'd like to switch out the baskets we're currently using for matching ones. I love the texture of these baskets - and they're on sale! 

5 - Our entryway desperately needs seating. I'm getting tired of almost falling over every time I try to put my boots on. I love this bright red bench from Ikea and it would fit perfectly against the wall next to our wall hooks (I'd love to put it under the wall hooks, but it would interfere with the front door).

6 - Our entryway closet had a pair of sliding slab doors when we moved in, which we took down and replaced with curtains. The curtains have held up surprisingly well, but I'm ready for a more "finished" look. I'm planning to paint the existing slab doors black and install a new track (image from here).

7 - I've already added these DIY painted wall hooks to our entryway. They're great for Adam's students and guests, and even we like not having to mess with hangers.

I didn't include it here, but I also have a plan to makeover the light fixture in our entryway on the cheap. More on that later! 

Update: You can check out a "before" shot of our entryway here.


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