A new rug for the living room

I had a great time celebrating my 30th birthday this weekend. There was champagne, homemade cake,  thoughtful gifts from my family and plenty of sweet birthday wishes (gotta love FB on your birthday). And to add to my post-birthday high, my new rug arrived today! I ordered it from Rugs USA during their Black Friday sale at the end of November. Unfortunately it was on backorder, but the ridiculous sale price made it worth the wait.

I brought the small rug upstairs from Adam's studio. I love the colour it adds to the room, but I can't decide if the coffee table needs something a wee bit bigger. What do you think?

The rug is pretty much exactly how it looked on Rugs USA's website (insert huge sigh of relief). It adds texture and warmth to the room, and although it's not exactly soft underfoot (it's a natural fibre rug, so I didn't expect it to be), it's nice and thick. Even Adam says he likes it and he usually doesn't notice these things!

I especially love how it covers up the laminate flooring we can't wait to replace :)

The room is really starting to come together, decorating-wise (we still have plans to replace the flooring, add a chimney insert and install some beefier baseboards - like we did upstairs). I don't even hate the green sofa (which my husband refuses to get rid of) as much as I used to. I'd like to add a few more pops of yellow - to tie in with the chevron print on my gold chair - and figure out the mantle situation, but I try to remind myself  that it started out like this:

Why with the brown trim, why? I'm working on a post to let you know how I did on my 30 Before Thirty list, so check back soon!

Psst! I wasn't paid or perked to write this post - I just like sharing good stuff!


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