New York City

I have decided to just post ALL of my photos from my trip to NYC into one monster blog post so if you're interested in the shots from my trip to New York and what we did, everything is after the jump. As a side note, I took all of the photos with my iphone. Although I brought my DSLR and used it on occasion, I was surprised at how much I just did with my phone. It was so convenient, easy to snap a photo on the go, and doesn't scream "tourist". The security guy at the airport, before I had to get scanned and patted down for weapons/drugs started telling me that iphones now have lens attachments? What?! Anyways, I was so flustered that the security guy was making conversation that I got super ackward and scurried away. We had a few ackward encounters with secutrity. Anyways, that's for another day. More shots after the jump. :)

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