DIY Heart Art

Every time I've attempted to DIY art it's turned out horribly. But when I opened up my March issue of Style At Home and saw the heart print on the wall of Megan Close's Vancouver apartment, I knew it was something even I could make.

source: Style At Home, March 2013

I stuck with the original's neutral colour scheme, but you could personalize it by playing around with colour or switching up the paper for your favourite fabric. Full details on how I made mine after the jump...


  • Heavy cardstock
  • Paper for background (I used white wrapping paper)
  • Sharp blade for cutting
  • Pencil
  • Glue stick
  • Picture frame


1. Fold a piece of heavy cardstock in half and sketch a heart. Using a sharp blade, cut along your line to create a template.

2. Place your template onto another piece of cardstock and trace around it, then cut it out using a sharp blade.

To get the best cut, work slowly and cut in one continuous motion. Keep your eyes trained on where you're going, not on your blade.

3. Cut a piece of paper to the size of your frame and glue on your heart. Put it in your frame and you're done!

I plan to keep mine up all year round, but this would make for an easy Valentine's Day decoration or a sweet gift for a friend.


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