Artist, Donna Walker

I've wanted some original art for our home for sometime, and had been eyeing a painting by Donna Walker for a few months. It was in my shopping cart, then out, in.  I loved it so. And then I decided that I would be devastated if someone else bought it so .... it became mine. :) Oscar said it looked like a waterfall - which delighted me so as it was exactly what art should do - evoke different ideas and emotions (hopefully good!) from people. It's hanging in our upstairs hall - it looks small so I'm not sure it's the right spot but until I figure out another place, it will hang right here. I'm pretty amazed at some of the art you can find on Etsy - it makes it so much easier for someone like me to browse and really consider a purchase, and invest - even if it is only a hundred dollars. But being a family on a budget, a hundred dollars is still an expense we have to consider. Anyhow, this piece just makes me smile so I'm so glad I made the jump and bought it!

Here is the Oil Painting I purchased but she has more in her shop here. 

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