Kitchen cart-turned-jungle gym

Before we left to visit family over Thanksgiving weekend, I went to pick up a new piece of furniture for our kitchen. We don't have an Ikea in Halifax (or the Maritimes, for that matter), so when I spotted this like-new Ikea kitchen cart on Kijiji, I sent off a reply and crossed my fingers (Ikea stuff tends to go quickly). Luckily I was first in line and I got to see the seller's gorgeous new kitchen (I was jealous guys). We needed flexible prep space in our tiny kitchen and this guy is perfect. I just need to condition the top. Any suggestions?

Hannah just thinks we bought her a new toy.

Also, this is what she does when I say 'smile for the camera'. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Things have been slow around here - I have painting to do, furniture to makeover and SO much raking ahead of me, but not a lot of energy for any of it. Luckily two big and exciting projects are happening in the next couple of weeks and they don't require me to do anything (except hand over a big chunk of my hard-earned money). Updates soon I hope!


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