New door, I think I love you

Obviously some finishing touches are still required (hello, trim), but we are loving our new back door! When we were selecting a contractor to work on our stairs, we asked him to give us a quote on replacing our back door as well. I'm sure it's something we could have DIY'ed, but our house is old (i.e. not level), we knew we needed a custom size, and to be perfectly honest, it's hard to tackle big projects ourselves with a toddler running around (and I do mean running). It took our very experienced contractor the better part of a day to install it, so the decision to hire out may very well have saved our marriage ;)

Even unfinished, the new door looks a million times better, lets in tons of light and it's energy efficient - so no more paying to heat the outdoors (seriously, when standing in front of the old door you could feel the cold air blowing in, not to mention all the rot). Oh, and did I mention how nice it is to have a door that opens and closes easily? It's going to make our DIY patio even more enjoyable next year!

The only downside is that the current view is of our neighbour's parking area. In the spring, we'll install a privacy fence along the back of our property, but until then we may have to figure out a temporary solution (I'm loathe to cover up any of that beautiful, beautiful glass - even temporarily!).

Happy weekend! xo


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