My first upholstery project: is this what progress looks like?

Remember this chair? The one I bought two months ago with grand plans of tackling my first upholstery project? No worries if you completely forgot about it. Apparently, I did too. Well, over the weekend I decided it had been taking up space in our garage for long enough (yes, that's actually my garage and not a crack den I'm working in) and finally got to work. I only got as far as removing all of the original upholstery, but that's progress. As you can see, the seat back's webbing is still in good shape, but the seat's webbing (not pictured) needs to be redone. I'm planning to sand and refinish the frame before I get to that, though.

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by what I've taken on, but - perhaps foolishly? - still optimistic. I've got a million little tacks to remove, so that's next. Wish me luck! 


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