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NOTE: This is kind of a long post and the first few paragraphs are dedicated to why I decided to write about re-doing our rental in the first place. If you feel like it'd be beneficial for you to know...start right here. If not, just scroll on down to get some cool tips on how to shop smart for your temporary home. I promise...I won't be offended!
Okay, we go. You've heard me talk over and over again about our rental and how...well...I am not so in love with it and have wanted to change it and make it OURS since we've been here. The truth's not ours. It will never be...and I am learning to be okay with that.
We moved to Seattle two years ago this past August after my husband and I decided that, for our family, it was time to establish some stability and leave the military life. He served faithfully in the US Air Force for 10 years which meant that we moved from state-to-state every three years or so.
If any of you out there reading this are military or live in a temporary residence, you will surely relate to what I am about to share.
Because of our nomadic-like patterns, it became very clear to me that whenever we did finally land somewhere, I had to plant my feet quickly and get to the business of making our house a home wherever we were no matter how big, small or old the space was.
To be candid and super honest, by our last duty station, I was done. I didn't want to decorate or stage a thing and we lived on base which didn't make for much of inspiration in the way of home design.
After praying about it and agreeing that it was time to go I began to hold on to the promise of a brighter future in a permanent space that we could truly call our own and that I could put my personal stamp on! Yippee!
Well fast forward almost three years and we are in a rental space that is quite a bit older and could use some maintenance in key areas. Our family has since grown from our original five to six and we have truly outgrown the house. BUT, we make the most of the space, our kids love it here and have made some wonderful memories.
Now, don't get me wrong, I know we are blessed to have a home that is more than cozy for us...we lack for nothing. Not a thing. For that, I am eternally grateful. But, you see, I am holding on to a promise...God is faithful, I just need a little cheering on every now and remember that promise.
Insert the day that the hubs came home with grave news {grave, I tell ya}...we would have to stay in the rental for a year more than we had planned to ensure we have just the right amount of funding necessary to get the home that we really want to have. Sooooo...{insert tears here}..yup, I cried. Not really sure why and to be honest, I really felt like a whiny ungrateful one. So, what did I do? I pulled my "big girl panties" up and decided to make the most of it...I thought...we are going to fix up this place as much as we are allowed until we leave.
Most people wouldn't even care to take the time to do this for a home that didn't even belong to them...but all of you creatives out there will understand exactly why I went straight into this mode. I. Just. Can't. Help. It.
I really didn't mean to be SO longwinded with the backstory here but I felt like you all needed to know {especially all of my new friends} why I was sharing this in the first place.
So, on to my plans for this place for the next few months:
See all of those goodies up there? These are my picks for our living and dining spaces.
There are lots of patterns, textures, colors...well, not really colors but since, at the current time, we are SUPER neutral...those yellow curtains up there...for me, are a TON of color! I am totally a neutral girl! You can see that here. Honestly, with all the patterns there's just really more personality than color so it adds a bit of a fun element to the space. I like that. Layered rugs, modern pillow mixed with Southern charm. Yes, please. Again...I digress...forgive me.
The home we live in is a late 1950's Rambler style home. Which, lends greatly to a more modern, industrial, contemporary feel. Those styles, while amazing, are typically not something I have ever been interested in. I am Southern. Not that that means I can't like contemporary things but the heart of our home will always have to be cozy...not cluttered. Cozy.
I do, however, love industrial and modern elements so in this redo, I will attempt to bring that in with the help of accents, trims and décor.
So how do you save money while you learn to love the space you're in yet still add YOUR touch to the space? Here are a few tips:
TIP #1
Don't spend a lot of money on doo-dads and whatnots.
If you're like me, you love all the decorative accessories. And if you're even more like me, your taste and style preferences change often as well. These days, there are too many outlets on the web to score the perfect accent for that nook or cranny in your space.
Just a few places to sign up for and find great deals:
{online shopping not currently available}
and so many more!
Like these lovelies from West Elm. They are actually more on the high end of what I would normally pay, but I am in love with them. And since this post is REALLY about shopping smart, these won't break the bank at $29.00-39.00.
As you know, I've been SO into gold lately and these add just the right touch of character and personality. I think I will place them on this little sidetable/etergere from
Which leads me to...
TIP #2
Shop online closeout and discount websites. Frequently.
Now, I know some of you may be turned off by this one but tune back in. You'll be happy you did. Did you know that sites like, Wayfair, Joss and Main and so many others offer high quality, brand name furniture, décor and so much more at a fraction of the cost? This is not because the items are damaged but because so many companies out there over promise and under deliver. Who wins on that one? Well, you do, of course!

And I am loving everything about this simple, monogrammed pillow. Southern girls like Southern things...and what's more Southern than a monogrammed pillow? I am in love. This one was easy. And even better, a seamstress friend will be making this one for me! Yes!
TIP #3
Support handmade, local artisans whenever you can.
via Etsy
If you take a look at the inspirational mood board image above, most of the pillows I plan to purchase are from Etsy. Once again, do not misjudge...Etsy has a bazillion wonderfully talented designers who make high quality goods for the home. Whenever I can, I like to support them. Can I make pillows? Yes. Realistically, will I have the time? No. One tip for Etsy around. Since there are so many people offering their goods, there is a lot of competition for pricing. Be sure to take your time to find the best deal for what you need for your space.
TIP #4
Do it yourself. And if you can't, I bet you have a friend who can!
Can you paint a piece of furniture, sew a straight line, use a hammer and nail? Then, chances are that in your decorating process, you can make a few things to not only add a personal touch to your home but save money at the same time. As you know, DIY is all the rage right now and if you don't know how to do it I am pretty sure you can find an online video or blog tutorial on how to make it happen. Let your fingers do the walking and make Google {or Bing} your best friend.
TIP #5
Be Patient.
Rome wasn't built in day and neither will your home.
{Ha, if I'm not preaching to MYSELF on this one}
I am SURELY preaching to myself on this one. As a matter of fact, I couldn't even believe I typed it. It's like someone was controlling my fingers and I was totally out of control. Imagine that. Seriously, even though you're in a rental, take the time to think through what projects are most important to you.
What spaces does your family spend the most time in? What room is the most used?This is probably where you want to begin your planning.
Are you ready to go on this rental redo journey with me? Sure hope so! And I would love for you to share your redo stories with me!



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