Easy Halloween DIYs

Halloween isn't my favourite holiday (that would be Christmas). Costumes make me slightly uncomfortable and scary movies give me nightmares, but the candy and pumpkins I can get behind. Plus, Hannah seems to have renewed my interest in all holidays. In that spirit, these are some of my favourite Halloween DIYs from around the web - and they're easy, too.

1. Waterproof outdoor paper lanterns via sugar and cloth. These would be a sweet way to light your walkway for trick-or-treaters. I think I may try my hand at them this weekend.

2. Halloween balloons via pinterest. More cute than spooky, but how great would these look lined up behind the snack table at your Halloween bash? If you don't want to bother with helium, you could always hang them from the ceiling.

3. Confetti-dipped pumpkins via studio diy. If my mantle was a little deeper, I'd make a bunch of these in different sizes and colours. They'd look so great lined up against the white brick.

4. Crow's blood champagne via evite (spotted on the sweetest occasion). How did I miss Halloween-themed cocktails? This would be easy to make and I already own the goblets. Also, I'm kind of obsessed with the little crows now. Where do I get one?

Halloween, I think I've misjudged you.


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