Rental Redo Diaries | Visions of a Plank Wall

During this rental redo, I've had lots of grand ideas. To which most my loving husband has assitsted me in putting on hold for our permanent home. One of those ideas was a plank wall behind this sofa with 3/4 board and baten.
Really? Yes. Really.
In a rental. Yep. In a rental.
So, instead of covering this whole wall with reclaimed boards and wainscoting, I have decided to cover THIS wall instead. It's a tad bit smaller and less of a project than the other.
 Don't you agree?
Again, many of you (and lots of friends frankly) have asked why I would even bother making this place all nice and cozy or even worry about projects like this if we are only going to be in this place another year. To be honest, I don't think I have a really good answer for that. I just know that I need to create and I can't stop the process in my has to come out!
I am thinking we should have this project completed in the next two weeks or so. I would love to have it done tomorrow but I have a few more things on my to-do list before this so, it must wait!
In the meantime, this weekend I picked up a few things to add to our living room and I am beginning to put the room together bit by bit.
This lamp was one item that I picked up...are you ready...from Target! Don't you just love it? I love the chunky base and the black lampshade with gold lining screams sophistication. I plan on putting a pair behind the sofa on a console to "flank" the framed photos above. That wall won't escape my wrath, planked or not. I still have to finish filling it with accessories and whatnot to even everything out.
This isn't the most impressive picture of the lamp but it's really a stunner. Gold lining inside the shade and all. I will place a pair behind the sofa atop a console table and plan on adding some more eye candy to the wall behind.
This is staging at it's finest people...let me just tell ya. Ha! Really though...never mind all the pillows on the sofa and the barren will all come together. I promise.
I picked up this awesome piece of chippy goodness at Haystack Antiques: HOME {eh hmmm, love that place BTW and if you are a local, you must visit} this past weekend as well. I went back and forth about the type of coffee table I wanted in the space and settled on this style. It's a far cry from my original thought of an industrial style table but so much more warm and cozy than wood and metal. I figure that since our home is temporary, and since this was such a good deal, if I got tired of it or changed my mind, I could always change it out for something else and use this as an event or photography prop. I fell in love with it though and had to have it!
I also picked up some ironstone and vintage botanical prints that I'll be putting up on the walls right after my {drum roll, please}...plank wall installation. Yah!
So, as I mentioned I've been dreaming of them no doubt. They stalk me. Seem to be everywhere I go. Okay, maybe not everywhere I go but kinda since they are in my thoughts everywhere I go!
Since covering the entire wall behind the sofa may be too much of a task given the situration here, I will be using one of our smaller accent walls to show off my DIY prowess. I am SO excited to bring in a little more character into the living area. And even more excited to share how we do it with you guys!
Anyhow, all for now...what do you think of my finds for the week? Thanks for letting me share my rental redo ups and downs with you! Hope you're having an amazing week!


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