Fall days

Fall is officially here, as evidenced by our leaf-littered lawn (try saying that 10 times fast). Normally I dread the weeks of raking that fall brings, but I couldn't help but smile when Adam showed me these pictures. There's a good side to all those leaves.

We've been enjoying unseasonably warm and sunny days lately, and the weekend looks like it's going to be another beautiful one! We're hoping to tackle a few small projects around the house, including prepping our garden beds for the winter. I think we're going to build two more beds for next year, too. I'm tyring to take our garden more seriously than I did this year (turns out you don't get much of a yield when you ignore your garden). To start, I made a spreadsheet and everybody knows that spreadsheets mean business.

A few links for your weekend. Have a great one! xo

-I stumbled across this great gardening resource while crafting my spreadsheet. A must-read for novices and experts alike.
-I read this book in one night. About 20-pages in I told Adam it was the most disturbing thing I'd ever read. And I read Wild Swans.
-It's boot season. I would so like to have these in my closet.
-A great way to use up some of the apples we picked.
-I've been stressing out about our 10K race next weekend and my general lack of running lately. This post is perfectly timed for me.


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