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Nothing says Fall more than leaves falling to the ground, spiced cider and pumpkin rides. And nothing says family and friends more than Thanksgiving gatherings around the table with fun centerpieces and décor with good food and lots of laughs with those most important to you.
This year, to be honest, I'm not really sure what we're doing for Thanksgiving. I've gone back and forth about décor and table settings and what I would like to include on the menu. I question whether we will do the day with our little family only (since most of our extended family is in the South and Michigan we won't see them until Christmas) or whether we will invite those who also have no family in the area and make it a party.
Whatever the case, I've been a pinning fool and collected a few ideas from settings to food to help make mine and your Thanksgiving a little less traditional and a little more outside the box.
FOOD | Simple and Tasty.
When making the menu for your Thanksgiving fare be sure to keep it simple, healthy and tasty. Try some non-traditional veggie dishes or add unexpected seasonings to your main dish. I've pinned a few things here to give you some ideas to start your menu off right. You can also click on any of the images below to get to the RHI Thanksgiving Pinterest Board.

DECOR | Light, Natural and Fun.
After food, this may be my favorite thing about Thanksgiving. I remember growing up helping set the table with the "good stuff" that we only pulled out a few times a year when we had holiday gathering or special guests. All the crystal glasses and silver trimmed plates accented the table and added just the right touch of warmth to the tabletop.
Since, you'll probably be hanging out at the table a lot, your tablescape and tabletop décor is important but you don't want it to take a away from the most important thing at the table-the people. {Get more ideas for fun tabletop décor and ways to add special details to your home by clicking the image below.}
ATMOSPHERE | Comforting Candles, Fire and Music.
This is a vital aspect of welcoming guests into your home or just creating an overall cheerful space for you and your family to enjoy. I know we've talked a lot it seems about the table but you can create a comfortable, warm atmosphere by expanding your vision beyond the dining table to wall, coffee tables, and even sofas.
Ideally, I know that we all live big, full lives. And if you're like me and have multiple kids the last thing you're thinking about is adding fall or Thanksgiving artwork to walls or pillows to the sofa. Do what you can to make your home what you want it. If it's adding a pillow or two to the sofa or a few fall leaves to the mantel, do that. No one wants to walk into a house that you've stressed over to make "perfect" and not feel cozy or get good vibes upon entry. We ARE talking about atmosphere here after all.
Candles are a great place to start. If you add scented candles sprinkled with warm scents like cinnamon, coriander, or basil you can bet your guests will feel right at home. If you have a fireplace, light it. What compares to the crackle of a toasty fire? Not much. These are, of course, just a few things you can do to add atmosphere when entertaining for the holiday.
So I hope this sends you well on your way to a Thanksgiving gathering you and your guests will remember for years to come not just because of how amazing everything looked but because you offered an opportunity for memory making through great conversation, good food and lots of laughs!
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