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Okay, so today I promised a tutorial of sorts for a DIY Gallery Art Wall project. Well, it turns out that one of the most important tools needed to complete or better yet, start the project, was missing as my kids LOVE to play with my "tools". Am I the only one that happens to?
So, it's off to the art store for me tomorrow to get EVERYTHING I need to complete the fun project. I am determined to have it posted here by Friday. Determined.
In the meantime, I wanted to share something SUPER DUPER exciting with you!
I've been talking a lot lately about our rental and how hard it's been for me to get in the mood to decorate it, decide what style I wanted to go with, textures, colors, placement of furniture, etc. It's honestly been truly frustrating for me as it's MY house. I can walk into someone else's home and tell them what to do...easy. I can tell them what colors will work and which ones won't. I can tell them which patterns complement the others and which ones don't but when it comes to our living space lately I've had a bit of a styling block. Tell me it happens to the best of us.
Anyhow, if you guys haven't met Kirsten from Simply Grove do not wait any longer to experience this chica's blog and all of her amazing gifts in design. She is truly amazing.

Image via Simply Grove


She is now offering an e-course through Skillshare. {There's another new site for you to check out} And, get this...not only is it only $19.00 but it's 25% off through Thursday. Yes, that is right. Only $14.00. The class begins in November. But, I wouldn't wait that long to sign up.
This is just a taste of some of her work. Pretty awesome, huh?
I've had the privilege of meeting Kirsten and she is one of the sweetest people I have met. I'm pretty sure you will feel the same during this course! I cannot wait to spend some virtual time with her and glean some wisdom that will hopefully pull me right out of this "dead place" I have been in for so long now!
So, head on over to Simply Grove and sign up for the class and hang out there for a while for a bit of inspiration.
If you've got something to share, I heard Skillshare is a pretty amazing place to do it!
The two cool things? Well, Simply Grove and Skillshare, of course! Now...go forth and register!
Looking forward to being your classmate!

Happy Wednesday!


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