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Happy 2013. :) It's pretty quiet over here. I'm trying to keep it that way before I get back to work next week. Anyways, here are some bits + pieces from around the house right now. I'll be back later on next week with some fun developments for 2013 which include renovations, travel and decorating projects. :)

[1] We bought Oscar some train track from HomeSense (it's now on sale at Chapters). I wasn't too impressed with the quality for the full price we paid. When we opened it up on Christmas morning I discovered a lot of the main pieces were plastic. But, if you can grab the set at the 50% off at Chapters - you get a lot for that sale price. So I wouldn't recommend shelling out $40 - $50 like we did - but at $25 it's fun. [The picture shows other track mixed in with the set]

[2] Before Christmas I made Oscar some rocks and logs out of brown sculpey  It is a ridiculously easy project that adds a whole new level of play to Oscar's train board. Oscar went BANANAS. The trains come and pick up rocks, the rocks block the track, other trains come to help clear the track. So if you have a little one who loves trains and their train board - pick up some brown sculpey and make some boulders and large logs. It adds a whole lot of fun for not a lot of money. 

[3] This was a surprising hit at Christmas, so I thought it was worthwhile to show. I picked up this Pluk Carrot game for Oscar from Zullily. I had some credits on the site so it reduced the sale price to pretty much a steal so I decided to try it out. You cut the carrots into slices and you follow the book and make different colour patterns, which is a fun teaching tool. I'm REALLY impressed with the quality. The regular price is pretty reasonable considering the quality but you may be able to grab it on sale on one of the shopping sites. If you see it, it is pretty fun. 

[4] I absolutely love this little soldier doll that Santa put in Oscar's stocking...but I think it maybe was more for me, than Oscar. ;) 

See you next week. xo Linds


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