Sewing in a zipper

Remember my DIY gold chair? It quickly earned a permanent spot in our living room...and Adam has been complaining about it ever since. Like my inspiration, it didn't have a back seat cushion, which looked great but was admittedly quite uncomfortable. I bought a down-filled bed pillow (queen-sized) and one yard of Robert Kaufman fabric and set out to appease Adam make a cushion.

Since the back of the pillow would be visible through the chair, I knew I couldn't get away with my go-to envelope pillow. I would have to sew a zipper. Dun dun duuun! As you can see in the photo above, it didn't turn out perfectly (why didn't I use white thread?!), but it works. And you know what else? When you break it down into steps, it's actually quite easy to do!

If you're ready to conquer your fear of zippers, check out this tutorial (I found this one helpful too). And since every sewing machine is a little different, you may want to check out your machine's manual too (mine has a short section on how to use the zipper foot that I found helpful, especially since it works a bit differently than what the tutorials showed).

So, conquer any sewing fears lately? Ever lose a form-versus-function argument with your s.o.?


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