Easy DIY: No-sew mini pom-pom trim

Over the holidays, I ordered nine yards of mini pom-pom trim from 32 Degrees North. I chose emerald green and I was happy that the colour was exactly what I expected when it arrived - a beautiful deep green.

After Hannah went to bed on Saturday (I know, Saturday nights are really rocking around here), I hot glued the trim to the bottom and inside edges of the curtains in Hannah's nursery.

It took maybe 20 minutes to do both panels (and they're really long). For the corners, I made a little fold in the trim and glued it in place. Super easy and inconspicuous, even up close.

I love it! It adds a cute detail to the curtains (which I sewed myself, then added more length to later) and the miniature size is just the right amount of pom-pom for me.

Did I mention it took less than 30 minutes and didn't involve a sewing machine? The best kind of DIY!


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