What do you think of gallery walls?

Do you have a gallery wall in your house? I used to have a large gallery wall in our living room, but after living with it for awhile, I decided it wasn't for me and took every last frame down. So. many. nail. holes.

I survived. And I'm much happier with how we're using that wall now.

More recently, I tried again with this mini gallery wall in our guest room. I've been living with it for awhile and  it's staying.

I prefer the mismatched frames (the frames in the living room were all white). I tried to keep the art guest-friendly (i.e. no wedding photos), but since you can see this wall from the hallway, I wanted to include photos and art that would make me smile when I walk by.

The top two frames are filled with photos from Adam's trip to Syria and Jordan several years ago. The bear print is by local artist Anna Stowe (you can find more great pieces in her Etsy shop) and the print next to it is from loadedhipspress. I painted the frame's mat to better match the artwork (I just mixed some red and brown craft paint together until I was happy with the colour) and I love how it turned out. Note to self: paint photo mats more often. Below the bear print is an old family photo and the print next to it is from Value Village (weird, I know, but I liked it). The small gold frame is filled with a photo from our trip to Arizona. The painting is by Adam's brother and below it are two silver dollars I got from my grandfather's collection when he passed away.

So what do you think? Are you pro- or anti-gallery wall?


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