Kitchen Progress: Phase 1 Complete

Right before the New Year, I kind of teased you with the progress we were making with the first phase of our kitchen makeover, now that we've decided to update instead of renovate. In case you missed it, you can find that post here. The new beadboard and upper cabinets are now freshly painted (the colour is Sico's Hint of Grey) and restocked. We also installed a couple of new gadgets, including a magnetic knife rack and a handy bar to hang our utensils over the stove, both from Ikea. Friends of ours kindly picked them up for us on their last trip. When you have a teeny tiny kitchen, whatever frees up valuable counter or cupboard space is king.

Phase 2 starts with trimming out and painting the lower cabinets. We've been dragging our feet when it comes to choosing a colour and now we're just stuck. I'm leaning towards Behr's Paramount:

While Adam prefers Behr's Marine Magic:

They're close, but Marine Magic is just a little more blue. We need your help, so which would you choose?


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