Hutch Redo - Before & After


Okay so you know those kind of projects that are going to be super simple and you'll have them done and posted to your blog in about 2 days.
Start to finish...
Or perhaps almost a year or so will go by.
I'm an awful procrastinator.
I actually bought this hutch in a package deal off of Craigslist.
I redid the desk here and then just stalled for a while.
This thing is oooollld!
It was also dog mess brown.
Excuse my language but it was that ugly.

So the first order of business was to remove all the doors.
The bottom two doors were really falling apart and wouldn't close without some serious pushing and pulling.
I decided to just "remake" them instead of trying to fix them.
I took them apart and and removed the middles from them.
I decided to just chicken wire the whole toot'n thing.

I finally reassembled it and painted it.
The colors are all custom mixed with various paints I had sitting around.
The inside is a grayish blue.
The outside is just a normal white
I use it to store all my sewing stuff in.
As I look at this photo then I consider the fact that I should have straightened it up a bit.
Anyway, it's old.
It's big.
It's staying.
For now... 


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