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I want to keep this professional.
I surely do.
*I'm just bursting with pride though*
I have a special photo contributor today that I am trying to convince to contribute regularly.
He is not only an amazing photographer, but also paints, writes, is proficient in construction, does some pretty awesome graphic designing and best of all, is a father to one my precious little nieces:-)
People, give a hardy round of clicks to my little brother!
David has been involved in photography since he was a teen.
He has done weddings, engagements, portraits, head shots, commercial shots...
Obviously some of my favorites are his home decor and architecture shots.
 David and his wife Laura have been redoing their house over the last few years and I have begged him on many occasion to share some photo's on my blog.
Laura's clean, simple decorating style is so calming and inspiring and I love how David's photo's complement the style of the house.
I am seriously one of his biggest fans and can't wait to see what he sends me next.
David has recently made some career changes that will enable him to focus more on his photography.
David makes his home in Richmond, VA with his wife and daughter.
If you are interested in getting in touch with him, or just want to follow along to see some of his work then here's a few ways to do that.
You are welcome to pin any of the images above.
Share the love is what I say:-)


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