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I'm itching to go dark with the walls in at least one room in our house. I've been toying with the idea of re-painting our bathroom a deep charcoal. I even grabbed a few paint swatches the last time we were at a home improvement store. The thing is, our bathroom is small. Like, really small. And windowless.

I was under the impression that a small room with no natural light means no dark colours. Then I saw these photos. Sure, they're not for everyone, but dark colours can actually make a small room feel larger, cozier, dramatic. Hmm...What do you think of dark walls in small spaces?

The links:

-A montage of training montages. Brilliant.
-New Ikea products are coming in February. Someone get me that hot air balloon plate, please.
-Five gorgeous examples of white oak floors. I may need these in my living room.
-People thought Kate Winslet was fat in 'Titanic'?! Sigh.
-New York Times Magazine has a behind-the-scenes look at Lindsay Lohan shooting 'The Canyon'. Can't. Look. Away.

We're going out to dinner tonight to celebrate Adam's 30th birthday a few days early. My mom is watching Hannah (thanks Mom!) and I can't remember the last time Adam and I went out to dinner, just the two of us, so I really can't wait! Happy weekend!

All images via Lonny


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