DIY handkerchief-style curtain

Last week I showed you the progress we've made in the kitchen so far, but I left out the new curtain I made for our kitchen window. I pinned this image of handkerchief-style curtains ages ago, thinking that I would like to make something similar for our kitchen someday. Well, someday is here and I love how it turned out.

It lets us soak up every last bit of sunlight during the day and gives us just enough privacy at night. Plus, such a simple, casual curtain will contrast nicely with some of the modern touches we have planned for the room - like new hardware for the lower cabinets and a new faucet.

To make your own handkerchief-style curtain, measure your window, then cut your fabric to size and sew a seam on all four sides. Add grommets for hanging. Install hooks in your window's trim (I drilled pilot holes to prevent the wood from cracking) and you're done!

I'd never used grommets before, but it turns out they're super easy to work with. Here's the how-to if you're interested:

  1. Buy a package of grommets with tool
  2. Each grommet consists of a longer eyelet and a shorter eyelet. Make sure you have one of each.
  3. Mark the area where you want to attach your grommet to go and make a small hole (I used scissors). Place the longer eyelet under your fabric (right side down) and work it through the hole.
  4. Place the shorter eyelet over the longer eyelet.
  5. Place your tool over both eyelets and hammer.
  6. Sit back and admire your handiwork.

Now to find another project involving grommets...


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