A Buffet, ATutorial-ish and Some Annie Sloan Love...PART I

This is quite the post for me since I'll be combining a tutorial, a simple story and more details on my new love affair with Annie Sloan Paints and products. 

Please be patient with me as I attempt to take you all through this process with me. 

I bought this buffet and hutch on CL a few weeks ago from an awesome lady on Mercer Island. Since I don't have a trailer or an open bed truck (our Tahoe has hauled just about everything!), she was sweet enough to borrow a truck from a friend and bring the top of this piece to me. Really sweet lady! 

Anyhow, in all of my excitement, AGAIN, I forgot to snap some nice BEFORE shots but I did manage to get some with my camera phone. 

As u can see, I didn't get to take a pic of the raw piece but you get the idea.

Bottom of Piece

So, this piece was in great condition. Solid. Pine. But just needed some RHI love! And that I was surely ready and willing to provide! 

Of course, since I was using AS, there was no need to prime or paint. However, using this paint wasn't the original plan but it soon changed after my idea evolved and I realized I didn't have a ton of time to wait for paint to dry or sand and prime. 

For those of you who use AS on a regular basis or who have used it, you know exactly what I mean...this paint is a lifesaver! But enough about that for now...we'll take about "Annie" later! 


Here's what I am using  to refinish this piece (present tense, you will see why):
ASCP in Paris Grey
AS Dark Wax
Minwax Paste Finishing Wax
Hand brush
2 Foam Sanding Pads
Wax Brush (Just use a regular paint brush that's now only used for applying dark wax)
3 Soft Cloths 

As you can see from my list above, my supplies may be a bit different. Everyone has their own way of doing things. I'm still learning and part of that learning is discovering what I like and don't like to use to achieve certain finishes. Keep in mind, my supplies and tips are always suggestions...do what works best for you.

I use THREE, yes THREE different cloths for polishing my waxes. One for the Minwax Paste application, one for the dark wax and the last for bringing it all together. I have found that it works best for me that way. 


You will also notice that I am using Minwax Paste Wax for the base of my dark wax. That is because I had an entire can of it and I'm not into wasting money or making unnecessary purchases sooooo, I will use it until I run out and then purchase the AS Clear Wax. 


The pic below is an attempt to show you the difference in AS Dark Wax, Paste Wax and no wax. If you look closely, will see three different shades with the AS Dark Wax at the top, Minwax in middle and chalk paint only on the end. The pic's a little fuzzy but hopefully you can see the differences. 


I used my handy, dandy foam sanding pad before applying the wax just to make the surface a little more smooth.

And here she is in all her glory...well, part of her glory anyhow! I have completed the top and the drawers and am currently still distressing a bit and need to wax the body.

But, isn't she coming along nicely? 





So after beginning to finish this part of the piece, I started thinking that maybe instead of placing this in our dining area which was the original plan, I would use it at our entry way as a buffet alone but then I thought...what do I do with the top.



 I really don't want a hutch in our entryway although I am sure that some wouldn't mind...just not what I want. Oh, decisions, decisions...either way, I will finish both pieces and then decide where to place it. Phew! Was that last part overwhelming for you? It was for me! :)

Hopefully I will have this completed and ready to share in a couple of days.

I would love to know your thoughts...

Until then,

Partying it up with...

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