Houzz Tour!

When Becky from Houzz.com contacted me and asked me if she could do a Houzz Tour of our humble home, I was speechless.
Well not really speechless, but in my mind I was speechless.
My mouth didn't get the message though.

To be honest, our home is very normal, very average, very run-of-the-mill...
But, I love our home.

For real though, weeds grow in the cracks in our driveway (I try to pull them up when I get a minute...). A scrap pile of wood sits in our backyard, (I did try to straighten it up though...) and so on.

My house is never as clean as you see it these photos except for, well in these photos and when we have company.
We LIVE in our house if ya know what I mean!

So anyway...

Thank you Becky for writing this wonderful article and making me feel ever so witty and smart:-)
Not quite sure how she pulled that off.

I am grateful to her for getting my "motto of house decorating", if I may, across so wonderfully.
Thank you.
I say again, thank you.


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