Sign Up! {Part 3}

Just tell me when you get tired of seeing signs and I'll keep on showing you.

This next part I have really, really debated about sharing.
 It can be a very touchy subject...
Here we go though.

My husband, boys and I hunt. Not just for sport but for food.
 I'm not into just killing something for the fun of it.

Here in Texas though we have a wild pig problem.
They not only tear up crops and cause thousands of dollars in damage, but they are also very dangerous.

I got my first pig a few months ago and the idea of this sign was born.

In my mind...

The dusty carriage creaks and groans as it rattles into its stop for the night.
 Clutching tightly to the outstretched hand of the only gentlemen around, the young lady dressed in black alights from the small door.
Any observer could tell that she was on her own for the first time, her manner timid and scared.

The Boar's Head Inn & Tavern sits directly in front of the carriage.
Rugged and imposing, the sounds of loud laughter mingle with the scent of smoked ham.
Deep in the shadows a pair of shrewed eyes watch her. He's been looking for her, ready for her arrival, but not prepared for the raw beauty he sees in her tired face.

He steps forward into the waning light.
She swings expectantly to meet his gaze and her trembling smile falls quickly from her face...

That's all ya get.
There you get just a small feel of the inspiration for this sign, although in my mind we are going back a lot further than 1912.

I love going back in my mind.
Kinda gives me a hint of what I'll be like when I hit dementia.


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