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Even though I'm in the middle of making over our master bedroom (and if I'm being honest with myself, I'm still at the beginning; sanding the walls is just taking so long it feels like I should have at least reached the middle by now), I've been thinking about tweaking our living room. The problem is this couch:

Technically there's nothing wrong with it - it's actually a really comfy and relatively expensive couch (though we scored it for a great deal on Kijiji). Adam loves it (did I mention it's really comfy?), but I'd prefer something more modern. Unfortunately a new couch couldn't be lower on our list of priorities, so I decided to shake the room up by selling our hibiscus wing chair. Despite loving it when I bought it, I wasn't loving it anymore (it didn't help that our cat thought it was his personal scratching post, so it was almost always covered with a blanket - not pretty). And then I came across this picture (I love you, blogland):

In terms of colour, it incorporates a lot of what I already have going on - blue, green, black, white and dark wood (we're planning to replace our current floors with something darker next year). The good news is that I think I can rework the room without spending a lot of money by switching out the pillows on the sofa...

(here's a badly photoshopped version of what that might look like)

And adding a new chair - I recently scored this chair on Kijiji for $20. I love the shape, but I'd like to sew a cream slipcover and re-upholster the cushions.

I'd also like to bring in some yellow - like in my inspiration pic - with pillows for the chairs in the room:

(I couldn't resist another photoshopped illustration)

Maybe a trip to Homesense is in order...


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