Honeymoon on Ice: Shopping Round-up

I hope eveyone had a great weekend, whether it was a long one or not. Adam and I got back from our mini-honeymoon in Iceland last night, and I'm already missing the friendly people, breathtaking scenery and amazing food. The prices, not so much. We didn't do a lot of shopping on account of the jaw-dropping prices, but we did discover this awesome eclectic antique shop in downtown Reykjavik.

Since I couldn't squeeze a new dining set on the plane home, I had to restrict myself to a few small items - like these vintage blue and white linen napkins (the price is in Icelandic Krona):

This glass horse and cart (don't try to understand it, I just love this little guy):

And, finally, this embroidered teapot, sugar and creamer set - I'm planning to frame it to create some unique wall art:

During our trip, we also bought a really beautiful map of Iceland that I'm planning to have plaque mounted and this funny little elf for our growing collection of Christmas tree ornaments:

And since my mom was nice enough to house- and pet-sit for us while we were away, we bought her this candle as a thank-you gift - it's made to look like one of Iceland's famous wool sweaters:


So that's my shopping round-up. Now to get back to sanding the walls in our master bedroom...


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