What didn't get blogged about

Happy weekend. Some things I didn't get to blog about this week....

  • I found this Etsy Sellers listing of pillows and it totally reminds me of  Martyn Lawrence Bullards for some reason. At $180 for 9 pillows, it works out to be $20 a pillow. Which I think is pretty darn crazy. I want them sooo badly but every $ I spend on pillows is a $ taken away from new appliances that we need. :(
  • I also blog for Style at Home Magazine and Blogged about the Toronto shop, Burnett.
  • Trying to think if I should make a costume for Oscar for Halloween... I'm not sure what to do. Ack. [This post made me wonder what to do because Toby is the same age as Oscar] It would be pretty darn obvious if we went trick-or-treating that the candy would be for me. ;) 
  • Did you see Janice's Bathroom? Um. AWESOME.
  • We're going to start appliance research in the next few weeks. My Mom recommended Tasco, and Sears. If you have tips on where to go, I'd be appreciative!
That's it! Have a great weekend. Sorry for the double posting of last nights announcement, (It shows up for people who read my blog in their Google Reader). For some reason I posted the draft and the revised one.


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