Black and white lamp DIY

I finished sanding the walls in our bedroom on Saturday (!!!) and on Sunday I applied the skim coat. I'll do a before and after post once the walls are primed, but now that things are moving along (knock on wood), I've started working on some of the pieces for the room (hint: see lamp above).

You may remember the black and white lamp from my inspiration board (which you can check out here). The plan was to spraypaint our current ceramic table lamps white, until I accidentally shattered one while trying to straighten its lamp shade (apparently I'm stronger than I look). Since I wasn't loving the shape of those lamps anyway, I took it as a sign and moved onto Plan B. I found this lamp in our basement - an old Value Village purchase that I spraypainted black, never used, and was then commandeered by Adam and his bandmates for screenprinting:

I spraypainted it white and added the broken lamp's shade. You can't really tell in the picture, but it has a really glossy finish, which I love.

So no matching table lamps, which is fine, since we never used more than one lamp at a time anyway. What projects did you get up to this weekend?


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