The Boys

All my photo sessions these days are very impromptu.
No fancy clothes.
No combing the hair.

Just as they are.

It all started with a sign I just finished.
Thought I would try it out as a backdrop for Lee's 4 1/2 month photo.
(I'm not very punctual on age photographs either.)

For all of you want-to-be photographers (like me) that are too lazy to learn to use your camera right..
too lazy (or cheap) to buy and learn photoshop...
don't really have time to do any of the above...

I use the free version of Picasa (go there to download).
And I just upgraded my account on Picnik
 But even if you don't upgrade then you can have fun with hundreds of different things on there.
Sometimes I edit a photo and turn around and scrap it.
That's the great thing about it!
*Tip Find some photographs/photographer who's style you like.
While editing your photo then try and "copy" the different actions (looks) the use.

So there ya go.
Photography for Lazy Moms 101.



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