Custom Stamp Giveaway

I've been a little stressed having had to deal with some "conflicts" in the last week. I hate conflict - it turns me into a crazy person. I end up reciting conversations in my head and sometimes find myself talking to myself out loud as I walk Oscar in the stroller - you know, reciting what you would say, if you could. One was resolved, one is outstanding, and, I'm feeling a little in the dumps. What a better time, than to do a little giveaway, they always cheer me up. I had intended (and still do intend) to do a big giveaway from my shop closer to the holidays but two things happened - people are shopping already and, stamps (which I LOVE) take a little bit of extra time to make. So, this little giveaway is for a custom stamp from my shop. I'll pick two winners - Contest ends this Friday. You get to pick ANY stamp from the collection and I'll even possibly create a custom one for you if you want one.

How to Enter:
1. I'd love to know what stamp style was your favourite from my shop
2. I'd love it if you "Liked" my company on Facebook. I had to start a new Facebook page when we went through re branding in the Summer and I'm trying to build it back up. :) If you've liked it, or, like it already - mention so in a second blog reply. [Gets you a second entry]

That is it! Check back next Friday to see if your comment has a reply. I won't e-mail people specifically, so you have to check. If no one claims their prize by the following Monday, I'll re-draw.


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