Sign Up! {Part 2}

I continue my signage adventure with a sign I had been wanting to try out for a while.

I was going for an old rusty metal look.
The unfortunate thing is that after I took these photo's I worked on the "rust" some more and it looked better.
But.... I forgot to take any more pictures before I sent it off.

I did like how it turned out, but it's one of those love or hate things.
It looks dirty, worn and old but full of memories of the old drug store it once advertised for...

It let the little boy with overalls and a mess of red hair know that it was time to come in and spend his hard earned nickle.
It let the pretty lady in the smart hat, high heels and clutch know that she was welcome to stop by and purchase the parfume she had been eyeing.
It let the hardworking Joe know that it was the perfect time to stop by and take a long break with an icecream soda that would erase all the worries of the day.


So if you like dirty, worn and old then you might like it:-)

I do.

See this sign soon at Classic Furniture in Charlottesville, VA.


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