Sign Up {Part 5 - Final}

So I wanted to save the best for last.
It also happens to be one I finished at 2 in the morning, just hours before it was set to leave.
(thanks to my mom and big sis for being my delivery "mans" for these babies)
Oh the drama!

I did this sign using the same method as the "Yes we're Open" sign.

If you want to learn more about how to do it then go here.

I really love using this method.
It is more time consuming but the results are totally worth it!
In my mind...

I see little girls with bare feet walking to school. Their lunch pails swing carelessly by their sides.
In the barn their father and the dairy hands herd the eager cows into the barn for milking.
An old truck rattles up the dusty lane, full of glass bottles ready to be filled with rich creamy milk.

Sorry, I'm in a hurry.
 No drama with the milk today!


Remember, if you live in VA and are interested in any of these signs then you can find them at Classic Furniture in Charlottesville, VA!

Have a great weekend!



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