Mood Board: Blue and yellow living room

Earlier this week, a friend asked me for my thoughts on her living room. She had it all planned out in her head, but her husband literally couldn't see her vision and was worried about having too much going on in the room. So I offered to put together a mood board for her. Even if you don't know the first thing about design (see: me), starting with a mood board allows you to visualize a space in a way that you just can't inside your head (at least for 99% of us). And there's nothing worse than making a bunch of purchases based on what looked amazing inside your head, only to realize in person that it doesn't work (assuming most of us don't like wasting our hard-earned cash). Plus, mood boards are really fun to make (this from the girl who used to cut rooms and models out of Sears' catalogues to play paper dolls with, and preferred them to her actual Barbies).

Here's the mood board I put together for her, based on the items she already had and wanted to add to the room:
  1. Her colour scheme for the room - I love the combination of charcoal, cream, blue and yellow
  2. This Crate and Barrel chair is sadly no longer available, but it's similar to the matching velvet slipper chairs from Backyard and Veranda she scored on Kijiji with the tags still on - how lucky is that?!
  3. She's thinking about adding this pillow to each of the slipper chairs
  4. And she already has these graphic and floral pillows on the couch
  5. Her sofa is a mid-century find from Kijiji, so this Pottery Barn sofa is just a stand-in
  6. I love this sunny Draper stripe citrine rug she wants to add
  7. She's also thinking about adding charcoal and cream trellis curtains
  8. This teak coffee table is very similar to one she just purchased, which looks a bit more orange in the photo than it does in real life
  9. And this artwork by Dan Steeves- a wedding gift from her parents - sits over the mantle
I think seeing it all together gave her more confidence about her choices, but what design advice would you offer?


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