What didn't get blogged about...

What a crazy week it was over here. Truthfully, I'm glad the commotion is over and I can go back to being normal. I'm a creature of habit, and although the excitement was great fun, I was drained afterwards. So, here is what happened this week, that didn't get blogged:

  • I went on a hunt for the perfect pumpkins, and asked everyone on twitter where to find white pumpkins. Turns out the video store guy down the street has them, and I stocked up on a few. Yay! Um, how cute are the Martha Stewart fanged pumpkins??
  • We had our drywall guy come and measure for estimates for the kitchen, and he brought along a cabinet guy. It felt premature to talk cabinetry but we'll see what he says in terms of quotes. We're no where near affording it - but research is free.
  • Dream house. And I love the kitchen.
  • I want to make these.
  • Added new stuff to my shop, like new stamps, new accessories, and some new style of art prints. [By the way, save 20% on them until the end of the weekend when you enter ARTSALE when checking out]
Have a great weekend! xo Linds


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